Protective Coating for Canvas:
After your print is thoroughly dry, a thin layer of high-quality semi-gloss protective lamination will be evenly applied as part of the print rate. After this coating is dry virtually any kind of retouch painting or additional varnish may be applied--either water-based or oil.

If a high gloss finish or a perfect matt is desired, two layers are applied at a rate of $1.75 psf.

Many of our clients also want some degree of creataive texturing on their final canvas prints. ArtSource provides this service at $3 to $7.50 psf - depending on finish complexity/material cost. Expert application of high-solid acrylic gel mediums adds three-dimensional brilliance and the appearance of brush strokes, scrubs and drips to canvas prints. We also offer a variety of different mediums for various degrees of lustre and creative textures.

Extra High Gloss, Double-thick Clear Coat Resin Finishing

Professional application of clear coat resin finishing is an exciting new service offered by ArtSource to clients whose work demains this extremely thick, durable, glossy finish. Please allow a minimum of an additional week of finish time for either originals or prints. Standard, perfect smooth resin style: $12.50 per square foot. Please inquire about custom resin finish affects.

Paper Trimming
Standard trimming is provided at no charge. Precision trimming or decorative torn edges for 21M paper prints is an additional $1 psf.

48-Hour Stretching

Stretching is still considered the best way to display Giclee prints on canvas. All of our work is back stapled with perfect even sides. (For certain applications, our clients have also had excellent success with mounting canvas prints on Fome core.)

Standard 3/4" bars $5.00 per linear foot
Gallery Wrap 1.5" bars $7.50 per linear foot

Additional Presentation Services...

ArtSource does not currently offer Dry Mounting, Edging, Matting, Shrink-Wrap or Framing services at our studios. We will be glad to handle these services for you with vendors of choice or refer you directly.


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