An essential part of the process...

Proofing is the only way to be sure both printer and client are on the same page with expectations for final prints.

All basic color correction and retouching needed to best match your original artwork is generally provided with your first print of the entire image or key areas of larger images). But both original works and artist expectations do vary. Color bias of the paper or canvas chosen for the print is also a factor. Your printer will advise you should additional color corrections, retouching or tests with alternative materials be needed to meet your vision for the final print.

Proofing is just as important if you're a photographer, digital artist or you provide your own digital scans of artwork because every printer prints differently and there are a great many additional variables that affect outcome. Monitor calibration, variations in canvas or papers, even changes in humidity from season to season can have an impact.

Once the first print -- or "artist proof" is approved, Artsource will archive a copy to help provide consistent on-demand printing for the future, if desired.

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