Advanced technology for museum quality:

We have worked with many printers, but our favorites for highest-quality 64" format utilizing pure archival pigment inks have been the Roland FJ-600 and the Epson Stylus Pro11880. The 64" width is a key benefit: this means the shortest side of your print can measure up to 60 inches with any length desired.

Epson Stylus Pro 11880

- 9 Channel UltraChrome K3 w/ Vivid Magenta
- High-Resolution 2800x1440 dpi
- MicroPiezo TFP Print head
- 64" width (Unlimited Lengths)
- Brilliant pigment archival ink

But printers are only ever as good as the techniques and profiles used to drive them. Our master printer at ArtSource is a color management expert and customizes profiles to achieve client output goals on a wide variety of materials. For more about printing see Giclee Info.

100% Archival Materials...Your Prints Will Not Fade!

Pure Pigment “Inks”
Inks used for archival giclee printing are highly specialized. They are not dye-based “inks” - such as those used with photography, standard ink-jet or iris printers. Instead the giclee inks we use are water-soluable, fast-drying pigment offering fine resolution and archival stability superior to dye and wax based inks when finished properly with a high-quality UV coating.

Archival Canvas
Canvas composition and coatings have significant impact on the appearance and longevity of prints. At ArtSource we prefer 100% cotton for its maximum longevity, but for excellent, predictable color results we're also starting to favor some blends with fine weave, smooth high-white point matt coating and durability benchmarks.

Fine Art Papers
Don’t hesitate to request unusual materials to achieve a distinctive look for your work. ArtSource recommends using only the finest 100% Rag Watercolor Papers with smooth or mild texture in brilliant white or natural white.

After drying, every Giclee on canvas needs a protective coating because the print pigment is water-based. Just as with all Giclee materials, the quality of coating material is important in addition to artistry in application.

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