Marketing and consulting...

ArtSource will assist with marketing your artwork and prints whenever and wherever possible.


ArtSource promotes the sales of the work of our client artists to potential buyers we come in contact with. If we are directly responsible for selling any of your work we generally charge a commission of 30% depending on the circumstances.

When we place your work with other sales or marketing professionals - such as agents, licensing reps or galleries -- who will themselves be charging a commission, our commissions are negotiated at a lower rate on a per project basis.

In the sales capacity we do not work as traditional "reps" requiring an exclusive contract relationship - but rather as marketing "consultants" charging either for specific services or successful sales.

Promotional materials:

We provide basic graphic design, copy-writing and additional creative services for marketing materials on a per project basis at a rate of $60 per hour. If printing of materials is outsourced we pass along a percentage of any discount rate.We provide referrals to area professionals for any specialties.

On the Internet:

ArtSource provides custom websites for our clients and works to enhance promotion of these sites as part of a $15.00 monthly hosting and admin fee.


Face it. Selling your art is a business! ArtSource is happy to consult on a wide range of technical and business issues for our artist clients --everywhere from setting up a new computer system, software training or designing a marketing database to details on business/marketing strategy. We provide consulting/training at an hourly rate of $60.


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