Experience matters...

Skill with digital imaging can make the difference between excellence and mere mediocrity with a Giclée print. While expertise in other steps in the process is key, here's the number one question to ask your provider:

"How long have you been working professionally with color correction using PhotoShop?"

If the answer is anything less than 3 years, ask the same question of another provider.

The reason: Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for professional image editing. It's the software application that best interfaces with digital image editing computers, high-resolution scanners, digital cameras and professional quality large format printers. And while talent does matter in areas like retouching, there simply are no short-cuts to true mastery of digital color correction theory and integration with the printing process.

Our master printer at ArtSource has been using Adobe Photoshop digital imaging and color correction tools since it's first beta version release in the 1980s. She is also skilled in UNIX, SUNSPARC, Windows-based and Macintosh-based systems, high-resolution scanning, photography, graphic design, RIP software management and custom profiling for ink-jet printers of all makes and kinds.

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