High-Resolution Scanning for Fine Art, Photographs and Transparencies

1) Direct Scans (Digital Capture)

The direct digital scanning process using a state-of-the-art high-resolution scan back mounted on the back of a view camera is highly recommended for museum-quality fine art reproduction. The big benefits:

  • Total control of hi-rez capture of virtually and size, shape or style of original art.
  • While lighting and shooting skills are always key, this process is capable of producing the highest-quality printed images.
  • Nothing touches the original art.

Our scan back of choice is the PhaseOne PowerPhase FX, offering record breaking features unmatched by any other camera back. Specifically designed for digitizing art originals, dimensional sculptures, as well as stretched canveses and rare documents, it provides excellent color and reproduction accuracy--capturing the finest details on even the largest originals. 360 megabyte digital capture (8 bit RGB)/760 MB (48 bit RGB) for artworks up to 10 feet wide results in the highest quality output in today's digital field.

2) Scans for photographs, slides, negatives or positive transparencies

If you're a photographer or you already have film negatives or transparencies of your art work, excellent results can also be achieved by scanning these materials with high end flat bed or drum scanners. Again this process may also be required if output needs to be extremely large scale.

3) Providing your own digital image for a Giclée Print

You may already have a digital image that you’d like to print. If so here’s a rule of thumb. Generally we look for minimum resolution of at least 200 dpi at the size the image is going to be printed. If you don’t have this minimum with your current file, we’ll analyze options for you -- including reducing the format of the finished print or reshooting or scanning your original to achieve the output your looking for.


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