Advanced ink jet technology for museum quality:

Over the years, we have worked with many ink jet and Giclée printers, but our favorites for highest-quality 64" format printing with the greatest output flexibility and reliable print heads utilizing pure archival pigment inks are the Roland FJ-600 and the Epson Stylus Pro11880:

Roland Hi-Fi Jet Pro FJ-600

- True 8-color printing (CMYK + LcLmOG)
- High-Resolution 1440x1440 dpi
- Variable droplet technology
- 64" width (Unlimited Lengths)
- Brilliant pigment archival ink

Epson Stylus Pro 11880

- 9 Channel UltraChrome K3 w/ Vivid Magenta
- High-Resolution 2800x1440 dpi
- MicroPiezo TFP Print head
- 64" width (Unlimited Lengths)
- Brilliant pigment archival ink

The 64" width is a key benefit over virtually any other printer choice in the ink jet marketplace.. This means the shortest side of your printed image can measure up to 60 inches with any length desired.

Just as importantly - for true, fine art “giclee” printing, every printer is only as good as the software and profiles that drive it. Our master printer at ArtSource customizes color profiles utilizing top-of-the-line tools provided by Wasatch, Monaco and Gretag-McBeth to achieve client output goals on a wide variety of materials. For more about printing see Giclee Info.

Giclée Materials...

Print Canvas
Canvas composition and coatings can have significant impact on the appearance and longevity of the final image. At ArtSource we prefer 100% cotton for its maximum longevity, but for excellent, predictable color results at lesser cost we also favor blends with fine weave, smooth high-white point matt coating and durability benchmarks.

Art Papers
Don’t hesitate to request unusual materials to achieve a distinctive look for your work. But for much Giclee work ArtSource recommends using only the finest 100% Rag Watercolor Papers with smooth or mild texture in brilliant white or natural white.

Giclee “Inks”
Inks used with giclee printing are highly specialized. In fact they are not really dye-based “inks” at all- such as those used with photography, standard ink-jet or iris printers. Instead the giclee inks we use are water-soluable, fast-drying pigment developed to offer fine resolution and archival stability superior to dye and wax based inks when finished properly with a high-quality UV coating.

After drying, every Giclee on canvas needs a protective coating because the print pigment is water-based. Just as with all Giclee materials, the quality of coating material is important in addition to artistry in application.

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