giclée info

Quality Giclées on Canvas have 4 to 5 layers.

Each of the first 4 layers is equally important and all must adhere and work cohesively together to maintain the longevity of the print.

1) The base stock: This could be any cotton or archival-based product, typically canvas or "Rag" watercolor paper.

2) The "Inkjet" receptor: This coating is applied to the base stock before printing to control the ink droplet absorption and provide wider color gamut.

3) The pigment layer: Anywhere from 6 to 8 different colors of water-soluable pigments.

4) Protection coat: For basic handling of paper to waterproofing of canvas.

5) Impasto: (Optional) Some artists like to apply this textured coating to either canvas or paper prints to add dimensional quality or define brush strokes.

Why the protection coat?

Because pigments used in Giclée printing are now water based, they’re extremely sensitive to moisture. It is crucial to allow thorough drying. Your printer should then apply a high quality UV coating. Even if you plan to frame prints on paper behind glass, because of the handling it goes through between you, your artist, their publisher, the end consumer, and the frame shop, coating is advised.



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