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A quick guide to the process...

Step one: hi-rez scanning

Original art needs to be digitally captured or scanned to create a Gicée print. This can be done by:
1) shooting with a high-resolution scan back on a large-format camera or 2) Scanning of a film negative or transparency.
Quality of the digital image is all important to the quality and size of the final output. If you already have a digital file you'd like to use, resolution must be high enough to support the print size you require.

Step two: digital imaging

Digital files are carefully analyzed for color balance, contrast, brightness and other factors that may affect quality of the final print. Delicate color correction is generally needed to ensure proper translation through the digital printing process. Also, if original artwork uses unusual glazes or has scratches or dust specks these can be handled at this time. The digital imaging stage also provides opportunities for artists to work with the master printer to create entirely new works from an original image. Your final digital file is then archived to ensure the next print will match your original in quality and color.

Step three: printing

Your printer first helps you choose the best printing media to match your goals. Test strips are then printed and ArtSource utilizes powerful RIP ( Raster Imaging Processing) software and proprietary profiles to match the digital files, media and printer settings to achieve the best color gamut and resolution for your finished work. For fine art Giclée printing, a high-end, large format Giclée printer with advanced heads is needed to deliver the exceptionally wide color gamut and high resolution that distinguishes this process from older ink jet technologies.

The next step in the printing process is proofing, providing patches of target areas or small prints of the entire image on the media chosen for you to approve. After any needed corrections, the final print is sized and printed. It must then be thoroughly dried and receive a quality protectant coating. This final step provides a fully waterproof surface allowing artists to further enhance or retouch their own prints if desired.


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