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Materials matter...

If you’re looking for high-quality, truly-archival fine art giclée prints, it’s a priority to select the right materials. This is both a creative and technical process based on the nature of your original work, the type of printer and profiles used and the project goals. An example: If you're a water-colorist or photographer--a very fine weave, matt canvas or an adhesive-back fabric may offer a whole new dimension in output without sacrificing the orginal feel and quality of the image.

This is an important part of our service, but we also encourage you to check out the latest advise from experts in the field.

Even a bearly visible difference in the color bias of a near white or bright white paper, for example, can dramatically change the appearance of the printed piece. Printers by different manufacturers also produce very different quality images depending on the types and color range of inks they use and the color mangement profiles chosen. None of these variables can be freely interchanged under the assumption that they'll work equally well, look equally good, or last equally as long in one combination as in another.

This is why it’s necessary to work closely with your master printer on each project and see sample proofs produced with the materials you've selected before signing off for completed work on any project



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