ArtSource marketing and consulting services...

ArtSource is happy to consult and assist in the promotion of client work whenever possible. We regularly recommend and actively present the art work and photography of our clients when appropriate to the many art consultants, designers, reps, pubilshers and galleries we come in contact with. We also provide custom artist websites and promote these sites as part of our service.

On the production and service side, we provide graphic design, copy-writing and additional creative services for marketing materials. We also provide referrals to area professionals for any specialty outside our skillset.

For an overview on pricing for all marketing services see $marketing.

Certification for limited editions...

In keeping with the Certificate of Authenticity Model designed by the World Printmakers, ArtSource provides with forms like the one below. Keep this on record for each of your projects to provide editors, galleries and collectors with the answers they need to ascertain authencity at any point.

The Certificate gives artists who produce fine-art, limited-editions the opportunity to distinguish their work from posters or open edition reproductions. By offering the information of the Certificate, ArtSource not only guarantees the authenticity of your work, but also helps you educater buyers as to just exactly what they are spending their money on.

Experts believe the more details a Certificate of Authenticity includes, the more value it contributes to the print--especially details about materials, such as paper or canvas which are fundemental factors of quality that should be fully explained. The number of editions are, of course, essential--as is the number of signed or numbered proofs . The concept of "edition" is the very basis of the world of serial art. It is the "limited edition" which permits printmakers and collectors to agree upon what is an original art print and what is a mere reproduction. In general, a rule of thumb on artist proofs is their number should never exceed 10 % of the total edition.

The name of the printer is a guarantee for the client, as well as a recognition of the master printer's expertise. If you would like, information about a publisher can also be added.

Sample ArtSource Certificate of Authenticity attached to each client print:

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